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So I bought 22 of the 23 Lovejoy books. The books themselves were cheap, but they kill you on the shipping charges. Insane. All in all, it wasn't awful, I guess. Feels awful. It always bugs me when I spend more on shipping than on the books. Seems wrong somehow. Was able to use a coupon and will get 4% back through ebates, so maybe I'll feel less annoyed about it later.

I need to create a website to track the series I want and the ones I have. I do have the information my Palm, but I feel like it should be on the internet somewhere. Thoughts?

The reason I didn't buy the twenty third one? The cheapest copy was 32$. It's Number 22 in the series, so I have awhile before I need to find it.

Sox just took the lead. Still anybody's game. And we have a pitching change.
"...puts the Red Sox ahead for the first time this season." srsly? It's day 1. That should only be mentioned if it's true in week two or beyond. It's too lame for a first game. Thanks for that brilliant insight, Castig.

Good morning!
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