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Fancy Meeting you here

Had a funny experience yesterday. I hope it writes up as well as it lives.

lensedsqo and I were meeting aaron_b for dinner last night. Jan offered to pick up some stuff for me, but I didn't want her to stress about how to carry it (since she was carrying her own stuff as well). We went back and forth with a few different updates. In the last update, at around 6, she told me she had accidentally gone to the wrong place and was going to catch a bus to take her to the right place. Meanwhile, I was early enough that I thought I could get some of my own shopping done. I mosey on through Brighton, hitting nearly every red light before finding a spot on the next block from the grocery story, and across the street from the bagel shop. I park, decide I'm too far up, move the car back a bit. Park again. Check the meter, which has 30 minutes on it. "Plenty of time" I think to myself, as dinner is in 25 minutes, so I should have returned to the car by then.

I decide to go the bagel shop first, so I don't have to carry around wine, if they have it, so I cross the street. Right in front of a bus. "Oh, I bet Janice is on the bus. Hrm. She could come with me, if she wants." She sees me around the same time I see her. "You can come with me, if you want." I call in the open bus door. Janice gets off the bus. We thank the bus driver who smiles at us and drives us. For a second there's like an awkward "Now what" thing, then we laugh and continue about our business.

We were not able to buy wine because it was after 6 and the grocery store was already closed, but we did make it to dinner plenty early. Aaron was already though there. Some people gots to be showing off.

Unrelated: Jonathan Kalbfeld got married. (
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