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Dreams from a few nights

Strange dream. I only remember pieces of it.
In an early part of the dream, I was wandering about the JCC looking for a set of uniforms that I might or might not have bought. Janice told me I had them, but I asked her if she'd seen them, or if I'd told her early I had them and she was just repeating what I'd told her. She wasn't clear on that. My dad said it didn't matter whether we had the uniforms or not. One of them was Timothy Stack's Son of the Beach uniform.

Later in the dream, I was in the old gym, at the back, corner, by the gallery to the racketball courts talking with my friend Rachel. I was pointing out my cousins who were across the gym; Grace and someone else, probably kailara, if context is worth going on, and talking about how great it is to have cousins generally, and how much I wished I'd had them growing up. I postulated that it was better to have them as kids than it is as an adult. She disagreed and we discussed the difference between growing up around cousins and finding them later in life. Interesting enough, my dream made no mention of the fact that these are cousins by marriage, the implication of the dream was sorta that they were found cousins, which I guess is true, but that they were always cousins, I just didn't know about them yet. (Which if you're mystical about marriage and fate and preordination, I suppose that's a fair idea.) Of course, I might have been married. Hoppie wasn't there heretofore, but he did show up in this last part of the dream.

Which was an odd pantomime type thing. Hoppie and I went to check on Rocker's (dad's) house in Cambridge. While we were passing by, making sure everything looked okay. (We couldn't go in, cause we didn't have keys.) Hoppie noticed a woman tampering with the mail box of a neighbor. He demanded to know what she was about. She flashed a badge and explained that she was picking up mail for the occupant. Then something happened with Heather, Rich, Carla, Hoppie, an intruder and some spiked darts. When I say spiked, I don't mean they had spiked ends. They didn't. They had suction cup ends, but inside they had something that was either like a stinging nettle or maybe a paint pellet like a paintball gun; a paintball arrow.

It was another memorial service, but the pastor had to step out for a minute. During that time, a live-action spammer made his sales pitch, which normally would have come after the service instead of during. That's all I remember.

We watched this week's Medium last night. In the dream, the daughter wasn't Angelica Houston's but Arquette's (and Dr. Matt, who damnit, didn't appear in the dream. Only Allison.) She was a ghost made manifest at the age she was killed. Something about the dream or knowing that she was dead brought her back to life. It wasn't clear how long she would be around, but Allison acted as if it could be either minutes of the rest of her life. She didn't realize that the villain of the show was a villain yet, and still trusted her. So when she came over with a boy dressed as knight and invited her out to play, she went. She felt it would be good to have someone who understood, instead of, like the people at school, people who just looked at her strangely and didn't understand what she'd been through.
Meanwhile, it was gradually dawning on Allison that things didn't add up. She went outside and found her daughter screaming and terrified as she was being pushed down a hill by the boy (not in the knight's outfit anymore) and the "friend" who were laughing at her terror. Then something happend that I don't remember and then I woke up. Actually feeling like I'd gotten a good night's rest.
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