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Some new Greg pics

I posted the Greg pics from Carol and the ones from mini-golfing on Lori's birthday.
I found this mini-golf pictures this weekend while I was cleaning.

I'm cleaning and sorting things and I come across the Ritz camera box. Hrm. Pictures I think. Wonder what they are. So I open the box.
The top photo is Tober mini-golfing. I can feel my blood chilling in my veins. It was like just for a moment my whole body seized up and all thought stopped. When my brain kickstarted again, all it could mange to push through was: I. Didn't. Know. I. Had. Pictures. [of this]
And after reviewing them, I can see why. It's also pretty obvious why lil'girl made the jump to digital so fast. I'm a dreadful picture taker. This is the one of Greg that didn't turn out sucky.

There rest of the pictures are here: Not much luck blaming the bad pics on hoppie. He's in some of them and I'm in none of them, so there you are.

I have some thoughts to think outloud, but no time in which to type them out. But in case I forget, Happy Opening Day. Go look at some Jim Borgman baseball cartoons.
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