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Asher and other things

While you're all playing your pranks on each other, I'm thinking of my nephew who is 2 years old today. Happy Birthday, Smasher.

Very disconnected and disjointed.
I was driving in the the neighborhood where my dad's old office was, near 6 Mile Lane only there were train tracks, and I wasn't actually driving. I think Dualla was. (Yes, from BSG II) I guess probably Billy was the guy in the other seat. They were looking through my purse (don't know why, but it didn't bother me.) And Billy holds up an Epipen and asks since when I use one. First I say it's not mine, then I "remember" that my doctor gave it to me for my worsening allergies. Only in my dream, it's not a shot, it's a spray that you have to put yourself in a tightly enclosed area to use effectively. Dualla decides to park on the train tracks on the theory that the train is only using one part of them. I try to explain to her that this is the end of the line, and usually, the train comes in with two cars, and leaves with one car in each direction, so regardless of which track she parks on, she's going to get smashed if she stays on the track. She insists it's only a small risk. I explain that chances are good the insurance won't make good the damage if she PARKED on a train track. I think she might have moved the car to on street parking then. There was plenty around. Strange.

Another part of the dream had me and Brian watching TV at my parents house. Janice was upstairs in Dad's office playing on the computer. Dad was upstairs in the other family room that mirrored the one I was in. We didn't even know he and Mom were home. Mom was in her room, being annoyed that there was no place she could go to play. Janice came downstairs and offered to copy VHS tapes to DVD for me and walked upstairs with my Bat Mitzvah tape. Brian asked why I didn't just wait for him to do it, since he was planning to do it that evening. That's all I can remember of that.

The only other thing I remember was the Red Haired girl and her mother who were in "book 7 of Harry Potter." I have this vague recollection that she might have been a Voldemort's daughter character. We were talking to her and Harry about where she appeared in the book. Harry was saying that she was sprung on him for nowhere and was sort of aggrieved about it, but Hoppie and I thought she was alluded to in Book 1 when Harry is in Diagon alley for the first time. I thought that was Chapter 2, but Hoppie kept arguing with me about it. And then we debated whether it was in that book or Prisoner of Askaban when he's actually living in Diagon alley for those couple of weeks.

Suffice it to say, I was very tired when I woke up.
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