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Didn't we almost do it all?

Ah, yesterday. I spent most of it completely wired from lack of sleep.
When we got home from Rocker's Saturday night, I went straight to bed and then spent the next bunch of hours NOT SLEEPING. I refused to allow myself to get out of bed to do some work I needed to do the on the computer and was finally rewarded with the amount of sleep that makes a cat nap look restful by comparison.

Anyway, after a modicum of sleep, I got up and did stuff. First all that grooming stuff, then typing up last week's class notes (which I should post), then off to the bank for some money, then to the store for paper and batteries. While at the store, I realized I didn't have my keyboard (must have left it at the office again, damnit). With no time to go retrieve it, I went home and grabbed hoppie's laptop (my laptop has 45 minutes of battery life on a good day. His has 2-5 hours). I was in too big of a hurry to even find the case, just grabbed the laptop, looked briefly for the case and got to class with 3 minutes to spare.

Then I had to endure a bunch of mocking about how "the little girl had grown up" from the Palm/Keyboard combo to a 17" Powerbook. It's not growing up. It's cheating! Anyone can use a laptop. It takes real skill to use a tiny little microcomputer with a folding keyboard so the entire ensemble weighs less than 2 pounds.

Instead of a single-concept class, he gave us a bunch of short ideas to bring to the Seder. I'll post those later. Haven't done the cleanup yet. I was also able to buy 3 lbs of Shmura matzah. I may have mentioned that before.

From there I went to the gym. I've noticed that I've started to do what I've always thought of as the Greg thing (unless it's after 10, then it's the Brian thing), where while in transit, you call and gab with someone. It's like more productive use of your transit time. After that, I went home, took another shower and went to Liz's to BEAD!

I finished the last bits of the commission I've been working on since Channukah. So that's all good. Liz was finishing up a peyote stitch class, so it was crowded, but the women were very sweet and didn't seem to resent me for shoving myself in. I got to show off Robbie a bit. He is looking fine, although I haven't progressed any. My initial problem was I didn't have my drums with me. I've finally figured out how to do the catch. I'm still working on the head. I meant to buy some more of the rootbeer (or whatever colour that was) in 8s, but I forgot. We'll see how it goes.

Got home (slightly late, but not badly so) and Hoppie and I went to Manchester for karnil's Women Spiirt Song concert. It was a great programme. I kept thinking of Greg and Maya throughout the concert. For different reasons. They did one song that I thought, "Ooooh, Maya would love this." and then later when they were talking about the importance of each person in the universe, I thought, yeah. That's it exactly. And that's why this is all so wrong. They did a piece for two choirs that was SENSATIONAL. Just incredible. It was Vivaldi's Antiphonal Gloria and I'm not sure I've heard anything more beautiful.
Hoppie laughed when I told him and said they'd make a good Christian of me yet.
They also had a modern piece using the music from Civ IV and the Swahili translation of the Lord's prayer. Proving that I'm not yet the good Christian, I asked hoppie to remind me what that was. Proving that he's not a good Christian either, it took him awhile to come up with the answer. I think we both said something about the debtors/tresspassers, and then refocused on the song. 8-) At the same moment midway through the piece we leaned over to each other and said, "Our Father, who art..." Hoppie wasn't crazy about the first drumming intro, but I sorta liked it. There was a family sitting next to me and Hoppie, and the kids moved around alot, but they weren't noisy, and I was alternately annoyed that their parents brought them and impressed that they were getting cultured so early.

Then we hightailed it out of there at top speed to go to Hoppie's parents house. We arrived during cocktail hour and about halfway through the slideshow of hoppie's parents vacation to Florida. Then Heather and I played computer games, I did a little crochet, and completely impressed everyone with the fact that I'm pretty stupid when I haven't gotten enough sleep. I can't remember all the stupid conclusions I came to yesterday but here's a random sampling.
We passed a place on the way to Delia's concert serving "Authentic Nepalese Cuisine" and I couldn't figure out what that was. I was debating between Southeast Asian and Italian. Hoppie pointed out that Italian would have been Neopolitan, not Nepalese, but admitted he wasn't sure what constituted the cuisine of Nepal and what differentiated it from other cuisines of similar regions.

Then I gave Chip 24$ to pay for 2 16$ tickets. Well, actually I gave him 23 and told Tom give him the additional dollar. Apparently that would have passed without comment because Chip wasn't totally paying attention and Hoppie was just following orders until I started to explain how I'd added 16 and 16 and gotten 24$. I would like to say that Hoppie handed over the addition 9$ without comment, but, he didn't. He had plenty of comments. I think Chip and Hoppie pretty much decided to discount any further brilliant insights on my part for the rest of the day.

We got home and it took me awhile to settle down to sleep. First I took Hoppie's computer and mailed myself the class notes. Then I redefined his defaults to open the version of Microsoft Word we actually own a proper license for as opposed to the demo crap his machine came with. Then I downloaded some songs from Itunes (including "Somewhere out there" which makes me cry). Then I went upstairs to bed. I listened to music to relax me for 30 minutes then turned off the ipod and I think I fell asleep within 10 minutes after that. I fell asleep with the ipod once, I think, since the, I've been using it controlled measure to help me relax enough to fall asleep. I know, it's strange. What else is new.

And today is today. So far today, I accidentally uninstalled Winzip, so I'm excited to see what the rest of day holds.

Oh, after all that you're wondering what I didn't do yesterday. I didn't pick up our Passover wines. I'll pick them up Wednesday. 8-)
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