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Shall Jonathan, who has accomplished this great victory in Israel, die? G-d forbid!

So I don't know remember what finally happened to make me go see the other Greg and beg him to live properly. He was living like he didn't want to live, making no friends, avoiding people and going out, being reclusive, I think.

And I told him he should be Greg. I told him, "Nobody loves Greg more than I do," (well, maybe Maya), "but you can't keep going like this." He wasn't living a real life. And I thought, well, he didn't have his own life, why not take Greg's? He wasn't Greg, obviously, but he was. He was a clone or something. Greg up until about 2 years ago, but then his own person. He knew what Greg knew (up to a point). "It wouldn't be that hard." I told him.

I don't remember exactly what he said back. My waking mind wants to say it was, "It would be that wrong."

I was so frustrated with him. That might have also had something to do with the fact that Hoppie and I had to leave Jonathan's (?) wedding (?) early. He said something to me in that way he has. Like a very light, not entirely patronizing, but more of a "let me let you down easy" sort of tone. I knew he wasn't Greg, I knew that I loved him for himself anyway, but...would it really have been so hard? I guess it would have been unfair to him and Maya, but it wasn't like he was doing anything of his own with his life, and he loved the same things and people that Maya did, so would it really have been so bad?

No one ever likes my ideas.

Scott sent me a pair of buttons. I'll catch a picture of myself wearing one of them. Hoppie swiped the other one. It says, "Paying it forward since 1995." I'm very keen on it. Speaking of buttons and pins, this has been my week for them. I got a Derby pin while I was in town and...(oooh, segway time!)

I heard this rendition of Chad Gad Ya (Had Gadya) on Chaggigah. It's beautiful. The mp3 link is about 2/3rds the way down the page. Look for Chava Albertstein. There was a kickass "Echod Mi Yodeah" too.

So after I got home from the gym, I woke up Hoppie and drove (I drove the whole way there and back!) to Maker's Mark. We drove the Maker's Mark directions there, and let the GPS bring us back. The GPS brought us back Bardstown Rd all the way. I couldn't decide whether I was delighted because I've always wanted to drive Bardstown road to Bardstown (although this was actually from Bardstown, I think it qualifies) or annoyed because, hell, I could have done that. I don't need no fancy GPS telling me how to get from Louisville Rd. in Bardstown to Bardstown Rd. in Louisville, do you think I fell off the turnip truck yesterday? Anyway.

We got there at exactly 1:30. There was a tour just leaving so we hooked up with it. The tour has changed. It's a bit smaller. There was less going on than usual. No actually distilling, although we did get to play in the yeast a little. Around the vat of fermenting bourbon, our guide noticed the Ambassadorial package hoppie was carrying for me and commented that we should see her after the tour, and she'd have stuff for us to commemorate our visit.

We didn't get to go into the pump house this time, as we have on previous trips, and we didn't go through the bottleing line, although we did go past the labeling line and the dipping/packing line. I dunno. The guide was engaging, but it just wasn't as good a tour as it used to be. After the tour, we did a tasting of the distilled bourbon vs the aged bourbon. The first sip of the distilled was GACK, but after we had the proper bourbon, which was lovely, the distilled bourbon wasn't as bad.

We were able to buy two bottles from our "barrel" which is actually our barrel mixed with 149 others, blended to get the right taste. I'd forgotten Maker's Mark was blended. We dipped the bottles and were allowed to use the special barrel stamp for ambassadors picking up their bottles only. It's a barrel with the year on it. Everyone on the tour was jealous as hell. I foresee many more ambassadors springing from that trip. We also got something for Brian and Martha that made me think of them when I saw it. I left it with my parents, as they're more likely to see them. Janice said she and Sissy were in negotiations for when she comes to Louisville in July with Tha Shmonster. If we can swing it, we'll try to go at the same time. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, we got a bunch of stuff. Dipped three bottles, one for a coworker (we're trading. He's going on a cruise and getting rum.) and the two bottles from our barrel. Then we went back to the visitor's centre and got a Maker's Mark Ambassador pin each, and a scroll proclaiming the greater glory of me, the Maker's Mark ambassador. All Hail!

Anyway, we had a good time. And we were able to pack all of hoppie's bourbon and bourbon accessories in the suitcases.

My local Curves in Kentucky (which everyone is quick to point out is not my local Curves as many more have sprung up) has a stretching machine. That think is awesome. The stretching from that is incredible. Good enforced positions.
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