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Dodgy ipod

Mr. Belding (Saved by the Bell) is at the Red Sox game in a Sox cap!

Grrr. My ipod is officially pronounced not working. It's under warrantee, and they'd swap it out at the Apple store for free, but it's got an inscription on it and I'd like my new ipod to have it too, so I need to go through Apple via mail. So I get home and look up the number. Well, my warrantee doesn't cover phone support so the website doesn't give me the number, so I have to go through the general mail. Fine, whatever. I navigate my way through the menus, offend the computer system which is sure it can help me. It helps most callers who call. It told me so. Eventually I get to a person. She tells me that because the ipod is older than 6 months, even though it's covered by warrantee, I have to pay shipping to and from. So to receive my free engraving, I have to pay 31$ in shipping fees. *sigh* I think when it dies, I will not be replacing it with another Apple product. I think that's a silly policy. I think it's silly that the guys at the Apple store couldn't do this and take the ipod and all the information and send it off for me and I think it's silly that they have a 6 month shipping policy, either do it for the full term or not at all (My ipod, in case you were wondering, is 8 months old). I have a feeling it will come back with no inscription since she didn't confirm I wanted the same thing, but maybe that's just understood, or they'll actually fix this unit instead of swapping it out for another. If it comes back wrong, I will hit the roof in spectacular style.

They're shipping it DHL which I hate. It will take a week, which I hate. DHL doesn't ever leave stuff. They demand signatures, but they never show up when they say they will (at least not here) so that will suck. I also have to figure out how best to sync what I have since I've uploaded data from both my mac and my pc and I'd prefer not to have to redo my playlists. I'll have to read through more docs to find out if I can store playlist information somewhere.

I know it's not like the worst thing that ever happened to anyone ever, but I'm very tired and I'm feeling very old. And I have to unearth the Passover dishes and actually cook some food. Maybe a big slab of KP meat will cheer me up. Mmmmm, food therapy. Exactly what they say you shouldn't do.
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