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My dad makes me watch The Tudors every time I visit because he knows how enthralling I find history and I have to say, it's very compellingly written. Very soapy.

Nightmares all weekend, kicked off by a close encounter of the creepy crawly kind (carefully documented according to stringent rules of honesty in soliefriends.) You may recall some previous bug-bearing, garden of death stories from my blog.

I dreamt Greg's apartment in Cambridge burned (without him in it) and we were talking about all the stuff he'd lost in the fire. Years of recordings and books and stuff. In the dream I really commiserated with him. It totally sucked to lose everything he had, but awake all I can think is, but I didn't lose you. If only we didn't lose you. Everything else is just stuff, rare, impossible to replace, yes, but still just stuff, unchangeable, static, incapable of providing day to day growth and support. Not so you, my friend.

Not in a dream, I got voicemail yesterday and my first thought was "damnit, Greg called and I missed it! I've been wanting to talk to him." I've noticed most of his other friends, and family are experiencing the same frustration and stray thoughts now too. Is there something about 3 months? We've just never been out of contact that long.

I also had some bizarre dream about Passover seder too. We'd decided to have the seder in the family room, which was back to old style, non-painted wood and the brown paisley sectional couch (which is not as ugly as it sounds). So we set a bunch of places on the couch with TV trays, and two people to use the white table between two sections of the couch. And four places at the card table in the corner...I don't know why we thought this was a good idea. Even in the dream, I thought it was a stupid idea, and I think it was mine. And when while hoppie and I were off doing something, the extended family had the seder at the card table. Hoppie and I only returned a few minutes before they were over, and Mom told us we'd do our seder afterwards. Well, there was no point then in having a seder in the bedroom (?!?!) so I went upstairs to unset the seder I'd set in my parents bedroom, figuring I'd reset it in the dinining (which is where it should have been all along.)
Then someone knocked on the door wanting to provide a door to door laundry service. Mom told Dad he shouldn't do it, but I could tell he was leaning towards doing it. Ah parents.

Oh, and I sent my ipod off. I'm apparently an addict because I've wanted it nearly from the moment I sent it away.

Massage last night. Ouch. Apparently when you relax every muscle in your body for the first time in awhile, it only serves to point out how much you really hurt.
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