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Menu hell. Disconnected phone calls. Grump. Growl. But at least now I seem to in a proper queue. And now silence....
long silence...

And now a tech. He has not referred to me as "the crazy lady" once, so that's good news already. I explained that the problem is intermittent and he's going to "see what he can do." which is probably nothing. When did I turn so cynical?

Oh, it's because I'm right, isn't it. They can't do anything. If it's still causing the problem, I can send it back in and they'll note that it's the second time it's been in for service.
And then he mumbled something about wanting a new one, which didn't make a whole bunch of sense. Actually his entire reply to me was like four sentences crammed into the time it would take to say one, but mail it back or take it back to the store came through pretty clearly.

Damnit. Well, here's to hoping the trip to Apple slipped the board back into place firmly enough so it doesn't keep losing it's connection.

And my computer just spontaneously rebooted.
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