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1) Biggest accomplishment
Probably scoring this awesome job. Actually, it was moving halfway across the country and getting a job within a week of moving.

2) Biggest disappointment
Do we need to keep going over this? Because any idiot can do it, but i can't. It's not right.

3) Been in a wedding/ How many?
Yes. A bunch.

4) Ever saved someone's life?
I don't think so.

5) Who was your childhood idol/Hero?
I had a bunch. Scott Summers was one.


1) Thing you cannot live without

2) Quirky habits?
I have no quirky habits!
I like to keep my hands busy. When I'm at dinner, in order to have something to do, I'll sorta bounce a knife off my hand in a compulsive motion. Hoppie HATES that.

3) What do you love to hate?
Reality TV shows. I actually do loathe them. But I'm also happy that I hate them. I think I would lose a little self-respect if I found one I liked.

4) Who is your hero now?
Richard Sharpe.

5) What is YOUR anti-drug?

Friends, blogs (reading and writing) and crafts


1) Goals for this week
Figure out plans for the weekend and next week.

2) Goals for this year
Don't have any I'm willing to talk about.

3) Are you an organ donor?
Nope. But I give blood.

4) Next vacation plan?
I don't have vacations. I see family out of town.

Have you ever:

1) Been in a serious accident?

2) Had an operation? Yes

3) Lost a loved one? Yes

4) Cheated in a relationship? Ues

5) Seen someone die? No.

Can You:

1) Drive a standard (stick-shift)?
No. Lori tried to teach me. It was awful!

2) Perform the Hiemlich Maneuver?
3) Give CPR?
4) Donate Blood?
5) Ride a unicycle?
No. I can barely ride a bicycle.

Are You:

1) A registered Voter?
2) A Member of a political Party?
3) Employed?
4) In a relationship?
5) A Parent?

Would You:

1) Ever Break the Law?
Any law? I think I have done.
2) Lie to a friend?
Yes, although I tell myself it's for "good reason"
3) Join the circus?
4) Lie FOR a friend?
Less likely than lying to a friend.
5) Marry (again)?
Don't know.

1) Place
Oh, this is tough. I don't really have a favourite place. Home, I guess.
Me! Yea me!

3) dessert
bananas foster

4) color
pink, green ,and black

5) beverage
ginger beer
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