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Vanity, all is vanity

Still premenstrual.
Still migranesque.
Still dizzy.
And now my skin has decided to flee from my body. I expect a measure of attrition when the temperature drops. I have a couple of spots on my hands and such that get dry and flakey, but my left hand seems to have launched a full-scale revolt.
It's not a problem to type with raw bones is it?

I managed to get out of the driveway even without hoppie snowblowing which makes me feel man enough to be a stallion with my wife tonight, so I like that.
But I have no money because I didn't stop at the ATM.
But I'll probably go at lunchtime because I noticed a Jewelery store near Steve Murray's wife's store, British Delights, which as you know is quite near work. What I think is unfair is that my rings on my left hand are too lose, but the ring I normally wear on my right hand is too tight. I protest.
Hoppie's mom was complaining about the same thing. She's lost 12 pounds on her new diet and doesn't see it. I think I got a glimse of mine in the mirror Saturday night, so I won't complain about that.
Anyway, back to work,
Wayne: Please note, not a work rant in there. Yes, you can make the argument that it's still early and evil jerk of numbers hasn't shown up yet.
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