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A brief update

Another brilliant Diesel Sweeties: The defeatist
I spent most of yesterday catching up at work. It was a "whew" type of day all day. Lots of near mishaps and narrowly averted calamities.
Dad and I finished our puzzle.
Mom taught me to knit. I can cast on, and I'm getting better at stitches, except for the first and last of each row. I'll get there. Maybe.
Hoppie has his "I shoot evil in the face" shirt.

I was just wondering where my jacket was, then I noticed it was on the back of the chair I'm currently sitting on. Bravo, smart girl!

It's raining outside and the weather is deliciously cool. Maybe it's just me because of the sunburn, but I'm delighted to feel it.

One of the problem is insomnia is that when everyone else is waking up, you're just nodding off. Although, 7:40 probably still seems pre-wake up time to most people, I guess?
Tags: crafts, hoppie, humour, shopping, tmi, weather

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