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Standing in the half-light, you're almost like her

I found Robbie last night. SO HAPPY! He was still in the suitcase from the Cape.

Yea! I just came across something I found very irritating and I decided to look up who did it, so I could be miffed at them, even though I suspected it was going to be me I was annoyed with. But it's not! It's Six! Yea!

(it's not technically's just something that's unnecessarily complex, and very hard to test for. However, if she's been consistent in doing this (*crosses fingers*) the sweep I'm doing now will inadvertently pick them all up since it also has the thing I can test for associated with it. I'm not deliberately being cryptic. I'm getting rid of popup windows and in consequence of that work finding glossary items that point to the external location of one of the old glossaries. See, wasn't that much clearer?)

I have to close this post now so I can write another one.
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