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The things I'm greatful for

In no particular order

  • I'm greatful that no disturbed me today with anything important.

  • I'm greatful that most people I talk to these days can't see my face.

  • I'm greatful that my office is big enough that I can't reach the candy bowl without actually moving.

  • I am greatful that I don't have friends who ask me "How are you?" when they really mean, "Ask me how I am, no wait, let me make it easy for you, I'll just tell you."

  • I'm greatful that I have to give very few references.

  • I am greaful that most people are blessed with the ability to take what I say at face value.

  • I am greaful that everyone else ignores me completely, thereby eliminating the need for me to apologize later.

  • and I'm very greatful I have this platform for ventage.

And I'm out.
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