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Making a wave when you can

Some amounts of thoughts and activities have occupied my weekend thus far.
The clock in my car was an hour off this morning, and so my entire brain as well. I was rather convinced I'd missed some sort of time shift, but hr_macgirl was quick to disabuse me of that notion.

You might be wondering at the strangeness of my letters. I cannot but think it has had something to do with my surroundings. I have just this yesterday finished the 5th Lovejoy novel, and hoppie and I watched Beau Brummell: The Charming Man and two episodes of Lovejoy and then I've followed that up with the beginnings of an epistolary writing called Letters to be Read in a Heavily British Accent. If I'm not indeed scarred for life, it may at least be said that I'm scarred to midway through this entry.

This weekend has been a celebration of the technology that allows instant communication with absent friends, and, of course, the friends themselves. I have spent time talking with not just the aforementioned Trillian, but also with loloformdy and kyttn. Our conversations have been largely solemn and of a purpose, but no less enjoyable for that. I can appreciate that life is not intended merely for amusement, but also for enlightenment and edification. "What have I learned?" you asked. It's a fair question, that.

I have learned that I'm not the kind of person who gives up easily. I've learned that I can be very focused. And I've learned that connections with people matter.

In other news, I've repaired my Palm T|X from its fall on Wed. night. This was accomplished through purchase of the minutest star screwdrivers the world has ever known. By removing the screws on the reverse side of the Palm, I was able to maneuver the top back into position. Actually, the screwdrivers felt beautiful under my hands. I also purchased a vault in which to haul the blessed thing about. I also cleaned out my hand bag. Additionally, I've had the pleasure of purchasing book one of a series that is new to me, The Sisters Grimm which I read when I returned home and rather enjoyed.
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