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I'll let you know when Stravinsky has a hit.

Frank, Charlie
We're opening up doors singing, "Here we are!"
We're filling up days on a dime.
That far away shore's looking not too far.
We're following every star.
There's not enough time!

We're opening doors singing, "Look who's here!"
Beginning to sail on a dime.
That far away shore's getting very near.
We haven't a thing to fear.
We haven't got time.

C: (This is just a draft.)
F: (Right)
C: (Probably it stinks.)
F: (Right.)
C: (I haven't had the time to do a polish.)
F: (Listen!)
C: Right! Who wants to live in New York?
Who wants the worry, the noise, the dirt, the heat?
Who wants the garbage cans clanging in the street?
Suddenly I do!
They're always popping their cork (I'll fix that line!)
The cops, the cabbies, the sales girls up at Sax.
You have to have a real taste for maniacs,
Suddenly I do!
Who wants to live in New York?
I always hated the dirt, the heat, the noise.
But ever since I met you I...

listen boys,
Maybe it's me.
But that's not just a hummable, lummable, lovable melody.
They're slamming the doors singing, "Go away."
It's less of sail than a climb.
That far away shore's farther everyday.
We're learning to ricochet,
We still have a lot to say!
We're banging on doors, shouting "Here again!"
We're risking it all on a time.
That far away shore's looking near again,
The only thing is left is when.
We know we should count to 10.
We haven't got time.
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