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Random quizillas mostly stolen from MB.

Violet Baudelaire
You're Violet Baudelaire.

Which 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Character Are You?
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My Sugar Daddy is Arthur Weasley
You little homewrecker, you! Your Daddy is the
good natured, somewhat bumbling but always
loyal Arthur Weasley. He's pretty whipped,
really, and obviously you're where those vast
Weasley fortunes are going. Go you! Just
don't snicker so much when you pass Ron in the
hall, or he'll catch on.

Who's Your Daddy?
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Your karmic zodiac is CAPRICORN.
Good Qualities: With Saturn as your ruling planet
it shows you are practical in your
applications, and steady in your discipline.
You perfer order, and anything solid in your
Bad Qualities: You sometimes tend to appear as
strict to those around you, and some belive
that you are cold and uncaring.
Best Matches: Cancer, Virgo
Best to Avoid: Aries, Pisces

What's your Karmic Zodiac Sign?
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You are a Mezzo-Soprano. You've got talent, but are
down to earth and ready to take on whatever the
world has to offer.

What Voice Type are You?
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