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While you were away...

Whilst I've been hiding under a rock, this is what's happened around me:
__blank_film's mother, my cousin, passed away after losing a very, very long, very hard-fought battle against cancer. Her father, Kelsi's grandfather, is in the hospital partially paralyzed. Her brother, Michael, the only person I know who's an honest-to-goodness, swear I'm not making this up Tampa Bay (Devil) Ray's fan, got married.

MeeMaw apparently needs a new right knee. But on the plus side, her bruises, cuts, and arm seem to be healing nicely.

I feel like I've missed an update or two, obviously, I can't figure out what or I'd update it.

Physically, I'm still feeling run-down, achy, bleeding, messy etc. but all things considered, much better. Hoppie is being supportive and lovely.
I went to therapy this morning. I don't feel very strong. But she and hoppie both think I am. I can't figure out if I feel burdened by their expectations or completely indifferent. I guess I'm sorta surprised. This is not my area of expertise. I cancelled the trip to NC. When I woke up this morning, I felt great for about a minute. Then not so much.

I'm sorry I haven't returned everyone's calls, emails, posts, or comments. I'm just not totally feeling up to it yet, but I really, really appreciate your support and love. Thanks.
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