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And we'd shared good times through the years
In my heart and soul, you're here with me.
My friend. My angel friend.

I hear you whisper in the wind.
Piece by piece our hearts will mend.
The dreams you shared we'll carry on.
Here and now and beyond.
And the world will smile,
For you were here.
The gifts you brought,
We'll hold 'em dear.
I'll take you with me till we meet again.
My friend. My angel friend.

And we'll share good times from now on.
In my heart you live on with me.
My friend. My angel friend.

I miss my friend.

To arrive at a ball is exciting and all,
Once you're there, though, it's scary.
And it's fun to deceive when you know you can leave,
But you have to be wary.
There's alot that's at stake, but you've stalled long enough,
'cause you're still standing stuff in the stuff on the steps.
Better run along home, and avoid the collision.
Even though they don't care, you'd be better off there,
Where there's nothing to choose, so there's nothing to lose.
So you pry up your shoes.
But from out of the blue,
And without any guide,
You know what your decision is,
Which is not to decide.

You'll just leave him a clue.
For example, a shoe.
And then see what he'll do.
Now it's he and not you,
Who is stuck with the shoe.
In a stew. In the goo.
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