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insert standard biowhining here. Enough said on that topic.

So while shopping on Friday, I discovered a flat tire. Hoppie came out to help me change it. (because I'm a weenie and I really hate my standard jack. Why doesn't one buy a new jack, one might ask? Because one hasn't. That's why.) So I didn't go get the tire fixed Friday, although I did think about it, and I asked hoppie to do it Saturday afternoon, but he refused because he doesn't like driving my car. So in the evening we went and discovered the the place that we thought closed at 6 closed at 5, and the one we thought closed at 7 closed at 6. Bottom line, 70-100 more miles on the donut.
So I've decided I will give Bridgestone/Firestone no more tire changing business again, ever. (This is the second time I've had issues with them lying or mistating their hours) I went to NTB this morning and got them to change the tires. Well, I tried to, anyway. They didn't have the right tires in stock. I ended up driving to Manchester, NH (about an hour away) to get two new tires. I then went shopping with hoppie.
Hoppie and I got in a huge fight, like 3 or 4 on the weekend. Last night I was furious because he wouldn't take my car in to get it fixed. If it was his car, he would have made the effort to fix it, but because it was my car, well screw that. That's my problem. He can't be bothered to help with that. And I know I'm supposed to be greatful that he came and got me, and I am, really, but...mrf.
Anyway, and then he was mad at me because I spent three hours playing with Frank and he felt neglected, and then we had a mutual argument when I was on the cell with my parents and he tried to hush me up. I tried to go outside the store we were in, but we'd just walked in and we were right by the in door. It didn't open out. So I had to walk across the store to get to the out door, and I just did it while listening to my mom, and not saying anything to hoppie. So for the 15 minutes I stood freezing my ass off outside he waited inside burning up. So then I get back in and start looking at toys and I asked him what he thought of this teddy bear and he says, all bitchy, "Oh, now you want my opinion?"
What the hell? You know. I'm the one who's had the stressfull day. I'm the one who's been out the last 4 hours dealing with the tires. I'm the one who's had to be upset the entire weekend wondering when I was going to finish shopping and get my car working. All his ass has to do is tag along sometimes, and occasionally offer advice, after sleeping late. Poor baby. Screw you. Grow up. So I condensed that into a rather nasty, "Am I not paying enough attention to you hon? Do you feel neglected?" I dunno. I was bitchy. He was a jackass. I'm just not having a good weekend.
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