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Maybe this time is forever - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love. — LiveJournal

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June 18th, 2008

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11:35 pm - Maybe this time is forever

This has been a day of ups and downs.
+ The check-in girl who does the blood work finally decided to let her hair down and admit that after seeing me two and three times a week all month, she actually knows who I am.
- The girl who took my blood (who was the first tech to take my blood, and was there for the second blood draw, you know, back when I was pregnant) commented that my arm looks a mess from all the scar tissue. I joked that I should stay away from the Red Cross lest they think I'm a habitual drug user and she said that it wasn't quite that bad. I assured her that I promised my arm this was the last time, and should more blood need to be drawn, I'd make them take it from the left arm. She thought that was quite reasonable. My left arm isn't too pleased with the arrangement, but I think the right arm is past caring about pleasing the left.
- Christmas tree shops is a very long way from the hospital.
- I found the other location I could have given blood. It's not far from the hospital and has free parking, so I could have been parking for free. How annoying.
+/- They had my favourite cheese curls at CTS. Yea for having them, but boo, because now I have them and if I have them, I'll eat them. On the other hand, I've been wanting them for a few weeks now, so at least I finally get them.
- no headphones
- tons of other crap I didn't need but purchased anyway. Hoppie will kill me.
+ New quilt for my bed. The One True Blanket is lovely and all, but it's not very warm. And the nights have been very cool.
+ Celtics. When I got home from my meeting last night, both the Red Sox and the Celtics were leading by three. You feel safer with a 3 run lead in baseball than you do with a 3 pt. lead in basketball. What an incredible game though.
- In two years, the Celtics will be as hated as the Red Sox and Patriots. I'm already dreading it. I just want to be a quiet happy fan. I don't attack other people's teams. I hate it when they attack mine.
+The Cheese

Current Mood: tiredtired

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