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That's romantic?

Alot of romances end in a sort of a gift of magi way, where both parties realize they're willing to give up X to make the relationship work. Inevitably, because both partners were willing to give up X for the relationship, neither feels disenfranchised by the fact that only one of them ultimately gave up X, which she (it's nearly always she) didn't really need anyway.

In the romance I'm finishing up now, which I haven't quite finished yet, but I've gotten far enough to see how this is going, she is a partner in a PR firm in NY. She has worked very hard since she got there. He owns an architecture firm in Chicago and has a lodge that he's painstakingly restoring in the place where their families have summered for years.

She is giving up her job and moving to Chicago. Oh, they dress it up. She's burnt out. She's having panic attacks. She realizes that the work isn't meaningful because after all the world won't end if the public doesn't know what type of spice a restaurant uses on their french fries. Oh, she debates whether it's worth throwing it all over for a man, but it's TRU LUV!!!!! Of course it's worth it.

Sorry, I don't buy it. I believe that people can be disgusted by their jobs and make the decision to change careers, locations. I get that people don't necessarily want to work. But they aren't people who rise to level of a partner in a highly competitive environment. You can't have it both ways. Either she's driven and successful or she's passing time until the right thing comes along. But after all the investment, time, and energy, she's invested into the company, it's hard to believe that she's just quit. In this age of the internet, she should be able to work anywhere. She's a partner. She could have pitched a Chicago expansion. She could have taken more foreign accounts and telecommute rather than handling strictly local accounts (who might want to see her in the office regularly). No, instead she has to QUIT HER JOB and haul off to Chicago.

Bite me, stupid romance writer.

The 12 Dancing Princesses gal has another fairy tale erotica out and it's lovely. I'll try to remember to bring it to the next book club.

Edit again:
Oh there it is. The "if you hadn't given up everything for you, I'd have moved to NY."
"Don't do that!" she says, "This is where we belong!" (as they bob around in the freezing water skinny dipping. Good plan.)

So very not romantic! Give up everything you thought you wanted before you realized you only wanted MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
I am thoroughly disgusted. I should write the author and let her know.
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