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Poor Wayne

Everytime he reads my journal, he feels compelled to hug me because my life sucks. "Why" he asked, "Don't you post when something good happens."
So fine. My in-laws had a little birthday party for me at their place yesterday. My baby sister-in-law's idea. It was really sweet and unexpected. Betsy gave me a cookbook and Tom's parents gave me a warm and comfy turtleneck and a totable pyrex warmer/carrier thing. Which hoppie interperated (correctly) as a hint to remember to bring edibles for xmas since we're spending it with his family.
I'll have to figure out what to make.
Scott did the work I would have done Friday but for the flat tire, and part of me feels guilty, part of me feels grouchy and part of me is greatful. What a horrible person I am. I should be completely thrilled that Scott did my work, but what does he think I am? Some kind of slacker who doesn't know what to do? Harrumph. It's definitely me. I've lost all sense of balance and proportion.
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