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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

First of all, happy birthday bsheppard, you infink and many happy returns.
Yesterday three of my coworkers took me out to lunch (Indian buffet. Not as good as advertised, but great fun nonetheless.) and gave a me a griddle like my mother has and raves about. Wow! I wasn't really expecting anything.
Then Elaine bet MLH ONE DOLLA that the release notes would need to be updated before he returned after New Years. She won the bet before 9AM today. Disgusting.
Hoppie and I did more Xmas shopping in an ass around elbow fashion. We started at out house, went North to Saugus and bought 300$ worth of alcohol. Went to a music store and a bookstore and didn't buy anything. Then we went to a bookstore and a music store near our house and didn't buy anything. Then we went North to NH to go to the last bookstore where we finally found what we were looking for.
Here's my agenda of what's left to do:
  • prepare holiday tray for hoppie's day after party

  • get presents for hoppie's older sister, who is being hell to buy for this year

  • make something for me to eat at my inlaws instead of whatever it is they eat for xmas

  • I finally got back to exercising, hurray for me. I lost a pound since the last time I weighed in (two weeks ago), but I don't know how accurate that is. I weighed at a different time than usual. Doesn't matter, it's still visual progress and I didn't plan to put much stock into it anyway. Anyway it made me feel better about last week, which was otherwise pretty hellish.
    And Scott and Wayne came by to sing happy birthday to me. Hurray for Scott and Wayne!
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