awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Another dream, and cleaning

Starting with the dream, which I'll cut for those people who are sick of reading them. I really don't get this one.

Me and four friends (who I don't actaully remember) were cutting across through a school to get from wherever we were (Bardstown Rd in Lousiville, I think) to wherever we were going (parents' house, I think because while I never remember actually getting anywhere, I do remember crossing Trevillian Way) And we cut through the teaching hospital part of the school and security started following us telling us we weren't supposed to be there, etc. etc. When we got to the side door we usually used, the security guard seemed surprised to find out that there were steps leading to the ground there, since he thought that door had been entirely shut down. Anyway, he warned us and we went about our merry way.
Next time we came in, they chased up and we ended up at an elevator instead of at the door we usually went to. Two of us, me and our decoy on the gurney went into the elevator and the other two didn't, because they pointed out that the elevator only went to the theatre which wasn't connected to the rest of the building. (? Which now that I think about it makes no sense, even if the elevator was the only connection to the rest of the building, we were ultimately trying to get out, so why not get our through the theatre exits, which there would have to be.)
Anyway, two of us went down anyway, because we were in a corner, being chased and didn't really want to be caught (not sure why it mattered) so we went downstairs and headed away from the doors to the outside, around the theatre heading towards the stage, but in the corridor outside the theatre, and sure enough, there was a pair of double doors that lead back into the school. We eventually caught up with our friends and decided that was a good fairly unused way to cut through the building without meeting security.
So that night (?!) we went back in and as we were passing the theatre, a group came in the doors and saw us. We ran around to head for the double doors and the college, but on the way there we noticed that the area we thought was all theatre, was actually half theatre, and then a separate section including an olympic sized pool. Under better circumstances, I'd have to come back and check that out, I thought. Meanwhile, the party started chasing us (no reason why that I can find) and presumably called security. While we were running we ran past a cleaning girl and she definitely called security, both on us and the woman who was chasing us. (only one woman by this point). So we ended up in a classroom with this woman when the president of the university came in. The woman turned out to be his ex-wife and she wasn't supposed to be there either. She attacked him and we helped fend her off and thenext thing I remember I was leaping down onto a monster who was chasing us up the stairs in a different section of the building.
Strange huh?

So hoppie is getting the house appraised today so we've been cleaning, which is great, we've been needing to do that. We took out a bunch of trash, and I made my fabulous chicken salad (completely unrelated).
Tags: dream, food, hoppie, house

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