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Not bento style, but...

This lunch is delicious.
Leftover homemade potato salad (a bit bland, but still yummy)
Leftover BBQ brisket on biali

I'd feel badly about eating Hoppie's leftover BBQ brisket, except I made him a sandwich of biali + roast beast + corned beast. So he's probably just as happy as I am.

I also ordered 4 new pairs of crocs in different styles. Two of the Mary Jane (pearl white and black) which are my favourite style, one Adara in black/silver and one Cleo in black/lavender. I know, no one cares, but *I* care. I did not buy the sunglasses even though they offered me 50% off.

I've nearly worn through my classic style black crocs and because they have no tread left, I slipped on the entryway floor other day when running around with the Verizon guy, so it was definitely time for new shoes.

We had dinner with Miss Lori yesterday. Yes, you heard me right. Her plans for the wedding she was coming up for changed so she got in early and squeezed out some time for dinner with me and Hoppie. Thanks for talking me down from the ledge yesterday, Tril. Apparently it was the 11:10, not the 11:40, and JetBlue.

Hee hee hee:

Random board gamer: Settlers of Catan was created in the bowels of hell to make otherwise intelligent people say: "I have wood for sheep."

I love that game!

I know everyone knows about Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog by now. It's still hysterical. I'm going to have to make time Saturday night post-Shabbos to watch ep 3.

My thought of the day: Fruit gems would make a good shield.

Also, is keeping hoppie in clothing.
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