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Visualize the earth descending on you clod by clod

Sorry for the long silences. I've been out of town on business (I've always wanted to say that) and only just returned and I have a million + things to catch up on, so this won't be long. I'm hoping to get down some of the experiences I've had this week at some point, maybe this weekend, if my fingers can handle that much typing.

But what I really wanted to say is this:
In accordance with advice from Dr. K. I'm starting a visualization/writing exercise techniques. She'd recommended that I visualize the life and family I want to have and write down my thoughts. I'm creating it as a new tag (npFantasy) with a similarly named friends-group. I'm expecting them to be sad, boring and pathetic, so I'm pre-populating it with no one.

Comment to this post to be added. (You must have an account to be added. If you don't have an account but still want to read it, send me email, I've got a dummy account that I keep for things like this.)
Edited to add: I'm not sure I've adequately explained it. My intention is to visualize my life as it is, with the addition of a baby. The entries will be standard blog posts (I think) probably very similar to my real blog, except, with plus one. It will essentially be daydreams with children.
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