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You are so immature!

I was at home visiting my parents. My bedroom was back the way it was before I turned 16 and changed everything. Robin was there and her midwife. We were talking and then I fell asleep on the bed. When I woke, about a half hour later the baby was already born (and about 4 months old, from the size of her. But who's paying attention to details like that!). I looked over her and she giggled and farted and then we both giggled together.

Robin gave me this, "You are so immature!" look.

I don't remember the rest of the dream. I know I was at my Aunt Linda's house at some point, in Carol's room, trying to help her find something. Don't know what.
Not very interesting, huh?

I bought yarn yesterday for my new project. I don't have any confidence in finishing it, but I'll try. I finished Lisa's shawl a few weeks ago, even the fringe and blocking, but I haven't mailed her to tell it's done because I have no time to meet up with her. But I need to do that.

I saw Batman on IMAX and I wasn't disappointed, probably because my expectations were so low.

It started out on a sour note because they gave us one line of a Harry Potter trailer, Dumbledore saying, "Again, I must ask much of you." or something like that. And that was it! It was just enough to raise my hopes. So I started off the movie feeling grumpy.

I didn't see Batman Begins so this was my first introduction to these characters. Harvey Dent was my favourite. Joker was deliciously insane. I preferred Nickleson's joker, to Ledger's but I liked the way they showed him repeatedly, and to the audience, transparently, lying about various things. I really didn't have much to say. It was an okay movie. It didn't blow me away, and it was long, but it was entertaining, and Dent's resemblance to a youngish Scott Bakula was a welcome visual distraction.

Last night at Maaj, I was at a different table and didn't have to hear TheEvil talking politics and abusing Holly. I didn't win. Roberta was on fire. She just kept getting the tiles. I won one hand, and even that was a near thing. She was just unbeatable. But she's so slow. But I won one and Val one two, so we can't begrudge her 7 wins, can we? 8-)
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