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The invisible meme

1. Review the questions.
2. Enter the best answer from your lj friends list.
3. Post.

Apparently you're only supposed to pass on the questions to those people foolish enough to promise to fill out the meme.

1. quietann
2. loloformdyh , sitpretty, bruchim
3. ronebofh (I guess this is as close as I come. Generally, I wouldn't have said anyone.)
4. asenathwaite99
5. lizzielizzie cassie_o
6. solies
7. anjillmarie
8. broken_soul6286
9. hr_macgirl kyttn loloformdyh bruchim milknut
10. lain_mac
12. You all are.
13. filkertom
14. lowercaseb
15. zonereyrie
16. bnkybrdwybby
17. ibarhis
19. lizzielizzie, ashen_butterfly
20. mskala filkergem
21. 22. I'm not sure I know what these mean. And if they mean what I think they mean, I'm not sure I'm prepared to answer.
23. solies, lain_mac
24. lizzielizzie
25. kailara
26. watericgun
27. kyttn
28. tpau queenortart
29. hr_macgirl
30. Life is easier because of you.
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