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Better late and all that

First, happy birthday to snagglepuss2 and many happy returns. My excuse for being late is that I didn't post yesterday.
Right now I'm trying to figure out if I've just fixed my father's scanner problem, or if he actually had a scanner problem and I'm an idiot. I updated, no, I think I installed the scanner drivers onto his XP machine and updated the scanner's firmware, but for all I know it didn't need it. The computer couldn't detect a scanner, but maybe dad has some secret way of reaching it about which I know nothing. Bleh. I'll ask him when he gets home. I don't think I hurt anything in any case, and now at least, I'm able to scan, so if he was before, more power to him, and it he wasn't, I fixed a problem he might not even know he had. Which wouldn't be 100% surprising anyway.

But I miss my Ali. I wake up every night aching to go to her. Hoppie wants me to stay with him though.
Tags: friends, holiday, house

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