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Adventure dreams + Isaiah

Where burn in the operative word. In this dream, I'm not sure who I was, but I was front and centre for most of the action. Michael was facing off against his handler (although it wasn't Michael Shanks) and explained that the handler needed to cooperate with him because Michael had him over a barrel. He seemed to agree and walked away from Michael down the alley, leaving Michael standing on the loading dock of this building owned by the handler's group.

The handler made some of sort of motion as he left the alley and a white truck barrelled into another truck and suddenly there was a wall of fire heading down the alley towards Michael. He ran inside the building (the loading dock was completely open) and yelled at Fiona and Sam (Bruce Campbell! Yea!) "RUN" And I thought, "No way do they outrun fire." but they were able to get into the building and up to one of the upper floors behind a firewall and into the radio studio. The radio was off the air and the DJ, a retired DJ who lived in the building, was confused, but Michael explained about the fire. The DJ decided he would get into the shower to stay cool in case the fire got too close. I thought about warning him that the fire was likely to heat the water in the water heater before it reached the suite, but Michael told me to keep out of it. At some point the fire was clearly out, and the DJ was out of the shower, and we were getting ready to leave, plotting how to keep the organization from realizing we'd survived, because as Michael pointed out, that was our biggest advantange at the moment. And it showed the lengths they were willing to go to, if they'd burn down their own building and kill us rather than risk our going public. Then there was a scream from the bathroom. The DJs assistant (or whoever he was) had decided to try the shower trick and the water had turned hot.

Then I woke up for the third time that night. It was 2 and hoppie still hadn't gone to bed. *sigh* So I yelled at him and then took a long time to calm down enough to go back to sleep.

I don't remember as much of this one. I was working at a grocery or something and they got in a stock supply of orange juice, but we didn't know how to get into the cold room. And it was too much to keep upstairs in the fridges in the store.
And there was shrink ray
And killers trying to make sure we all died, but I never knew why. Just that they were dangerous and scary.
I ended up the dream climbing up a vine to get back on the stairs. At the top of the stairs, was a girlfriend with the enlarger ray.

I was thinking about a quote that made me feel comfortable and secure in my faith, more my style than L'David Ori this morning and I came up with this quote:
"My strength and my song is G-d, and G-d, behold, has become my salvation." So I went to look up the quote and find out what Psalm it's part of, only to find out it's not from Psalms at all. It's Isaiah, Chapter 12, verse 2. Maybe it's a hint as to what my next field of study should be. I believe I have some good commentaries for studying Isaiah.
Yesterday Denise sent me this cartoon. Show of hands, who thinks she knows me a little too well?
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