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Sunday Shopping

I'm debating going book shopping today because I've wanted a copy of Memory for a week now. I'm rereading my e-copy, but I crave a paper copy. I know, bad girl.

Anyway, I also was thinking of getting the audio edition of The Bro Code
and Colfer's newest book.
And the next Grimm Sister's book. I'm up to 5.

(Now you can see why I've been keeping myself away from the bookstore? I'm like a ravenous dog on those places. At least when you go shopping for groceries, you can eat before you go. What do you do before you to go the bookstore, read? It just makes you want to me more and mean that you need more books because you have less at home to read.)

But I don't think I'm going today. I think I'll go Sunday since Liz has a holiday, meanie!
Makes me very sad that I was too sick to be around people I like last weekend.

I can't tell anyone what my current project iswas, but I finished it! And it's cute! I'm into my next project, I'm about 1/6th done with it. And I have a commission I need to be working on. Again. And I still haven't delivered the other commission.
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