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Some thoughts

Last night I had a nightmare. I was at my parents' house and I was going to take Dad to my shul with me. I had to go to work after Shul, so we were took two cars, even though I didn't think it was necessary. I couldn't remember how to get to the Shul at first, I mentally walked up Taylorsville Road. AJ, KI, Anshei Sfard, I knew it was somewhere around there, but I couldn't quite remember how to get there.

Then I remembered that it was off the Expressway, 95. But then I couldn't remember if it was North or South. So I was turning onto Gardner Lane, but there were no openings in traffic and my breaks weren't quite working so I kept inching out and then I finally just went, but I lost Dad. And I got on the expressway (which would have in real life been 264, but in my dream was 95.) I headed W, which in my dream was South. I felt like I heading the wrong way, particularly when I reached the junction of 2, which looked like the split of 128N/95N, so I called Dad and sent him North, which would have been the wrong way. So I turned around at Route 2, but the fog was awful. I couldn't hardly see a thing. I ended up off the expressway somehow and didn't notice until I saw the sign for I-80 -- at Northeastern University. So I pulled up in front of this building that had lots of people going in and out of it. There was a horseshoe driveway leading up to the building. I parked there and went inside to get directions. It took me a few minutes, but I did find someone who could help me get back to 95. And a map on one of the displays. And so I went back outside and they were towing my car along with a bunch of others. I couldn't actually find my car, but they had a bunch of cops and tow trucks all lined up along the horseshoe. And I was screaming at them and they were very uncaring. The worst night of the year, unseethroughable fog, and they decide to mass tow cars. What the hell is wrong with those people.

Christopher Kimball just showed up on Chuck. Captain Awesome and Ellie were watching ATK.
Blog and I are in rally mode.
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