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He levels his cannon his victory to claim, and he slew my light horseman on his way going hame.

When we were in Lousiville, we saw Pride and Prejudice at Actors Theatre. We all enjoyed it very much. They did a lot of voice-over narration, but they did catch the high points. Charlotte was a little under-developed, but Lydia was brilliantly drawn - a more flighty, shallow, self-deluded girl you'd never seen. Mom was so impressed, she's even considering reading the book. (Might have by now) I do so love my regency romances.

I started praying again. I didn't make a decision to start praying, I just started. I think it started when I got the mail on the way to services for Yom Kippur. A brochure for the next Daily Dose showed up in the mail and I read it while waiting for Kol Nidre to start. Well, I didn't read it. I did open it. And then Yom Kippur was a relatively good experience and then I went into town to get my new calendar and I bought a prayer book called Tefilat Chana. It was commissioned by parents who had lost their 6 month old baby, Channa.
Now I should go home. It's later than I wanted.
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