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Well, you bit off more than you can chew the first day you met me.

Booking Through Thursday

Monica suggested this one:

Got this idea from Literary Feline during her recent contest:

Name a favorite literary couple and tell me why they are a favorite. If you cannot choose just one, that is okay too. Name as many as you like-sometimes narrowing down a list can be extremely difficult and painful. Or maybe that's just me.

"Sky" Masterson and Miss Sarah Brown. In the short story or the play. Their dynamic cracks me up.
Same with Beatrice/Benedict and Katherine/Petruccio

From cheap tawdry romance land, there's a few pairings that stick in my head:
Matt and Jessica - Matt is a businessman with a grasping divorcing wife. Jessica breaks into his house to steal some incriminating letters of an affair between her brother and Matt's soon to be ex. The ex has told the brother that the letters will be made public in the divorce, which could damage the brother's business dealings. He's already come clean to his wife (who has had a nervous breakdown after the birth of her downs baby and is therefore considered somewhat fragile).

Matt who should be out of town isn't. He catches Jessie breaking in. She is dressed for an evening out, just in case she's seen, in a long formal black dress and paste diamonds. She vamps him to distract him, and then throws him with a judo throw. He hits his head. She feels awful about it and leaves him a drink to revive him when he wakes. A few hours later, she calls him to make sure he's okay. He's furious and so, thinking quick, she makes some crack about how she's love and she's come to steal his heart. For a moment, Matt is disoriented and wonders if she is indeed a phantasm come to taunt him at the end of a loveless marriage.

A few months later, Jessie is at house party when she sees Matt across the room. He has a puzzled look as though he's trying to place her. She recognizes the moment that he does and she tries to ease her way out. She is headed downstairs towards freedom, when he catches her by her dress and holds her. She desperately tries to think of a way to get loose, but he won't let go. "I'll tear it off you." he says, and she believes him. He tries to force her back upstairs while she continues to try to escape. Finally, she lets out a piercing whistle, gets everyone attention and tells them it's Matt's birthday. Instantly they are swamped will well-wishers. He still refuses to let go of the dress. He is trying to turn the crowd's attention to something else, but they are mostly drunk and thrilled to have a reason to celebrate. Finally she bites his hand. He lets go, cursing, and she runs off and into a Taxi.

Another month goes by and she hasn't heard from him and is starting to feel safe, focused on work. Her current problem is a new client, well connected, who can't find a secretary that suits him. Having driven off three woman already, Jessica decides to work for him herself and see how that goes. She goes and sits down at the computer, which has her instructions next to it. It's got a chat window up. As she sits down, it starts writing to her, "Welcome to my parlour...
She looks up and there's Matt standing there with a dangling keyring in her hand. He lays out his proposition. She's to play his mistress while he's working out a business deal. Kent, the guy he's doing business with, is being skittish because his vapid trophy wife is making plays for Matt. Jessie is to run interference and be cuddly and clingy in public.

Love and misunderstandings ensue, but they end up living happily ever after.

Another one of my favourites I can't remember the names of the characters as well. Her middle name is Evangeline, and his middle name is Adam. She's a law school drop out (she dropped out because she got married and her husband wanted her to be an ornament to him and she went along with it because she loved him, although she tells herself she wouldn't have been any good at it. (she gets better)) Her husband's a real prince of a guy. He died in a car crash on his way home from his mistresses. After his death she finds out about his embezzling from her uncle's company, where he convinced her to use her connections to get him a job, and his mistress and the son he had with the mistress. While he was standing over her watching to make sure her birth controls because he wasn't "ready to build a family yet." he was having children with his trashy girlfriend. That more than anything kills her.

She sells everything and is trying to settle his debts and repay the embezzled money before anyone notices its gone. She lives in a flat with a couple of sweet young things, who, in evenings, go out with rich guys so the guys can be seen with hot chicks. It's not strictly speaking prostitution, because sex is optional and they don't get paid in money, but jewellery. One day one of her roommates is sick and need to cancel, but she's too sick. Eve decides to take the appointment. She wants to feel wanted and beautiful again. She gets to the penthouse where she's meeting the guy and almost chickens out, but finally knocks. The knock is answered by a skinny elderly French guy....who turns out to be the butler. Adam is still at work. By the time he gets in, she's comfortably ensconced on the couch. He asks to be given a moment to shower and they can leave. She assures him that if he's tired they don't have to go. He's surprised since normally the girls want to be seen out. Pierre, the cook cooks them a light dinner and they stay in. There's an immediate attraction that she's delighted to act on...repeatedly. When he's in the shower, she decides to sneak out. She sees the jewellery box on the dresser and peeks at it. It's a beautiful tennis bracelet. "What a thing it would be," she thinks, "to be thought worthy of such beauty." She doesn't take it, instead she leaves a pair of New Zealand jade (I think it was jade) cufflinks she scrimped and saved to get for her husband for her birthday. She feels like she's put paid to her marriage with that act. And then she disappears.

Meanwhile a distant relative falls and breaks her wrist just when she's trying to plan the wedding of her granddaughter. Aforementioned uncle prevails upon Eve to become her secretary and companion for the duration. Guess who the groom is. Adam. In his other incarnation. Business tycoon and father to a teen son.

That's enough for now, I think,
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