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Is anyone else disappointed by the World Series? I've never been a fan of domes in baseball, but to have a world series postponed mid-game and then resumed 3 nights later is icky.

Of course, Hoppie is quick to point out that any other game would have been called at the end of the 5th when the Phillies were ahead, so they would have won. I don't know. It just feels wrong to me. Another legacy of the Selig era.

1. Give me a compliment. A real, meaningful compliment. Not something like: OMG I LOVE YOU YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!11
2. Post this in your journal so I can compliment you.

Another action/adventure dream last night
I was a 36 year old stud pretending to be a high schooler so I could figure out what was going on. I did. There was a bunch of aliens who called themselves Perz...something or other. I remember the P and the z and know they weren't right next to each other. There might also have been a b in the name. I befriended the head cheerleader who wasn't a high schooler either. She was one of the aliens and I used her to get close to them. One of the best scenes is when my characters says, "Look I'm a 36 year old. I obviously DON'T belong in High School. You clearly don't either. What's going on here?" and then she told me; which just goes to show that sometimes honesty is the best policy.

Then I broke into the conference room, stole the huge diamond for the laser gun thing and pretend to leap out the window on the far side of the room. They "followed" me out the window, while I actually sat in a chair in the conference room and pretended I belonged there. After they sent people out of the window I supposedly went through and out the door I'd come in by, I went out a window on a different side of of the room and headed to the project site where a scientist was eagerly awaiting the diamond. I gave it to him and asked something, and he told me he was enthusiastically waiting for his partners, brokers in world piece. I asked if they were the Perz....people and of course they were. I explained that they weren't interested in peace so much as they were enslaving the world. He was chagrined. I explained that I'd gotten the diamond from them and he could continue his experimenting, they'd never think to look for the diamond exactly where they'd taken it. They'd be looking for me though. I forgot what happened after that.
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