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<td>Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 25.
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So closing out the events of December, I found yesterday that I was the top loser at my local Curves, so "yea me!" This means I finally get a Curves Tshirt of my very own. So I took the Tshirt owned and showed it to the Tshirt monster I live with. The monster started salivating and rather than get drool on the Tshirt, I gave it to him. Easy come, easy go, right?

I haven't really updated on a event-by-event basis in awhile, and I feel like I should. So now that I'm a Hopkins, I get a Christmas stocking, which is weird. Betsy made us a blanket which I'm head-over-heels in love with. I got a couple of books including one on herb gardening (thanks mom!) We spent the first part of the day until around 2 watching Heather and helping hoppie play with his new Atari (as mentioned earlier) and then lazed around until we went to Rockport and saw more of hoppie's family and caught up with Army and Dawn and hoppie's mother's family. (we missed aunt Donna though.) Then we went home and probably went to sleep 'cause we flew out to KY the next day.
Well, that's all I feel like I can manage now. I'll pick up in KY at some point.
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