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The first one was the more interesting, but I can't remember enough of it.
The second one, I only remember the end. We were above a beach, in a very high tower, discussing the bridge in Louisville that doesn't go anywhere. It's like half a bridge in the middle of the Ohio river. Like they started a bridge and never finished it. We called it a chain bridge, but it wasn't, it was actually a truss bridge. Then I dropped something over the side by mistake which they teased me about being the plans to and proof of the bridge segment. I went to go get it. We were on the 127th floor of the "tower" but it went higher.

I was terrified of the elevator and the whole heights issue. I sorta clung to the side of the elevator. I think I was right to be so scared, because the elevator didn't go down to the bottom floor, it went down and sideways and ended up taking us away from the beach because there was a storm coming in.
That didn't help with my fear of heights any and may have given me a fear of elevators.
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