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Come on, show me all the light and shade that made your name

My cousin is selling wreaths. I actually loathe wreaths. We have one anyway that my SIL made. I tolerate that one in the house, but that's pretty much my limit. I feel like I should buy one, maybe I'll just give her money and not buy one. She can donate it somewhere right? If any of you would like to buy one, let me know and I'll purchase and get it to you. They're 20$.

Got a facebook message from my cousin. They got the blanket yesterday. She is sending me a picture of Taylor wrapped in it. She said she's actually glad of the colours, apparently it's the only thing she has gotten that wasn't pink. She warned that there might be blanket requests coming from the larger members of the family.

She also added that Jonathan, the Steelers fan, may have what to say about the Patriots booties I included. My cousin would like it clearly stated that she is a neutral party.

I also bought a fan/heater for my office yesterday. It's been dead air warm for the last three days and my fan gave up the ghost 5-6 months ago. It was actually pretty cheap and I bundled it in a package shopping trip with a new light for my bedside and getting hoppie a replacement battery for his garage remote. The battery has not entirely gone, but it's in a state where you have to be next to the garage (literally within 3 feet) and you can only press the button once. If you aren't close enough, you either have to give up and open it from the inside, or wait 10 minutes and try again.

I had decided on Tuesday I was going to stop, but then I forgot and I didn't want to go back through that miserable stretch of road between us and the hardware store. It's repaving season in MA. grooved pavement and elevated manhole covers are the order of the day. How much of that do you have to take? Anyway that's all for this entry.
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