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True confessions

Hoppie owns a copy of Hamlet in the original Klingon.
He has the identical Klingon - English dictionary that Sheldon had on Big Bang Theory this week.
He does not have Klingon boggle, but I do not think, if I were a betting sort, that I would place a wager on this statement being true at the end of the year.

(unless of course, there isn't a Klingon Boggle, but do you think they'd make one like the red swingline stapler connundrum?)

When Leonard handed Penny the piece of paper and she unfolded it and looked horrified, I turned to Hoppie and said, "His mother's phone number." And he said, "No!" So he spent some time thinking of things it could be. I never bothered because I knew. I understand.

This troubles me deeply.
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