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dreams from yesterday and last night

Random dreams:

It was our third or fourth session of Sunday school. I was at a table with the same people I'd sat with before, I knew some of them, and I'd met the ones I didn't know earlier, but we weren't friends. Not not friends, but I wasn't really friends with anyone in the room. I think they might have been a year younger than me, but I'd started Sunday school later in life than they had. There were four or five round tables each with 6-8 people. Ours is the front left table.

So after class, Rabbi Lerner says that the class is too big to continue as is, so he's going to pick a table to kick out. I know it's going to be our table. I can see that he's trying to figure out how kill the table without kicking out a woman who's name is not Annalisse, but is similar to that because she's new and has joined late - this is her first or second class in her first year. He looks around trying to see another table that needs Sunday school as little as the ones of us at this table (except Annalisse), but doesn't find one. It wasn't just because of me. The two people sitting to my left are also way ahead of the class in terms of religious knowledge, it's how we ended up clustered together to begin with. It's easier to study with people at your level so we've gravitated to each other. I could care less if I'm not in Sunday school, and don't mind being kicked out as long as I graduate. I'm not taking this class again next year with people even younger and further behind than I am. I'm not having it.

Finally Rabbi Lerner realizes there's nothing he can do but kill our table, and so he says, "Everybody at this table, except Annalisse, I want you to stay in the class." I nod to myself, having had my opinion confirmed. The woman on my left runs out of the room to go cry. I don't know why she's surprised, or upset, although after I think that, I realize I'm upset too. It's one thing to know that's what is going to happen, and quite another to be on the receiving out of being kicked out of a class. Her boyfriend, Bobby McKiernan (don't ask me to guess what age he was in this dream. I honestly don't know.) comes over to talk to her, but she's already in the bathroom. I explain to him that she's really upset. Meanwhile, dumb-ass Annalisse, with whom I'd heretofore had no problems, is asking whether she needs to re-register. The Rabbi who's morphed into Rabbi Jacobs, is explaining, repeatedly, that she doesn't have to reregister, she's exempt from the kicking, and all she has to do is return to class. After the third time she says, "Do I need re-register?" or some variant like "What do I need to do?" I'm ready smack her. This goes on for a little while while I'm gathering my papers up and organizing them to put into my notebook. I'm waiting for the room to clear out a bit so I can ask my question about graduation. I realize I'm getting angry and the more Annalisse acts like she hasn't got a brain her pretty little head, the madder I'm getting.

I can readily admit I'm not getting much out of this class, and that sticking it out to the end of the year isn't going buy me much, but I really don't want to have to do this again next year. I wake up before I explain to the Rabbi my concerns; which is probably just well.

I wish I could remember more of this one. I was in a maze of puzzles. Each room had a few different ones. I'd been through it before, so I knew the puzzles, for instance I knew that this one was a combination that expanded the block the combination was embedded into, and opened a box and you had to climb into the box to solve it. There was a whole like tour group of these people going through the maze with me. And then The Doctor showed up. Don't ask which one. I don't think it was any of them. It was an entirely different doctor, but definitely The Doctor. He was organizing the people and helping them solve the maze.

Hoppie and I, and one other person were sharing a suite with my parents. There was some long discussion that I don't remember and then I went off to the shower in our suite with my shampoo and conditioner. This is notable because the first time I went into the bathroom, I forgot my shampoo and had to go back out for it. I finished my shower and got dressed and went into my parents' half of the suite.

And for some reason my mother convinced me I needed to take a shower there, so fine, whatever. The door between the suites went between the bedroom parts, and going into my parents suite, the bathroom was a room on my parents side to your right as you entered the room. (or to your immediate left as you entered from the hall). It should have been fairly small, but wasn't.

Instead it was the Gould's old living room from the house on Woodgate Lane. The shower was a strip mounted shower head that moved up and down the strip The strip was over a rubber mat which didn't seem to me an adequate way to run a shower. My mother followed me in to lecture me on not using too much water so we didn't flood the carpets which were underneath the mats. There was a gauzy "shower" curtain around the "shower." I turned the water on, and tried to figure out how to make the shower head stationary. Then I got undressed (with the shower running, way to not use too much water, bright girl!) I don't remember if I ever actually made it into that shower.
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