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Thankful thoughts

The original title of this post was "Oh, I'm a failure because I haven't got a brain" and it was going to talk about my kitchen failures, specifically the cranberry sauce I made the other day which didn't gel, and fact that I didn't buy enough Kosher gelatin at the store yesterday for my minis. (Recipe, which I did not have with me when I purchased this final ingredients, called for two boxes)

Undaunted (relatively), I set out to half the recipe. And I was doing okay until I realized the cranberry sauce didn't gel properly AGAIN! Hoppie suggested I call his mother and ask for advice. Her advice was twofold. Cook it longer and check the Splenda website to see what they recommend. So I went over to their website and their recipe calls for cornstarch; a known thickening agent. Hrm. Maybe it's not all my fault.

I'll cook again later in the afternoon with cornstarch and let it rest overnight and see how it comes out. Hopefully the gelatin in the minis will be enough to make up for the lack of gel power in the cranberry sauce.

Not that matters, because no one will try them except me and Hoppie.

Anyway, this thanksgiving I'm grateful for the health of my family. Enough things have happened this year to make me appreciate that. I'm also glad I have a job that I love and that constantly challenges me.
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