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Day 2: Something happy?

Jane's (Ginal Bellman) new show. We watched Leverage last night. It's not a new concept. It's sorta Burn Notice/Pretender/She Spies/Mod Squadesque. But it was fun to watch the plan come together. It's not sure how long they'll be able to keep it fresh, but I'm willing to watch it again to see how they manage it.

I love the way they all automatically head different directions. I'm sure that took some orchestrating. I love the idea that Sophie can't act unless she's pulling a con. Watching the tough (Eliot) play the geek (Alec) was awesome; watching the geek's indignation at the tough's portrayal of the geek was genius. Hoppie said Alec was mad because Eliot mispronounced the Klingon word he was trying to use. The cast really worked well and the dialog was snappy and the episode was relatively fast-paced.

I enjoyed it.
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