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Empty vs clean

I had a realization yesterday that empty and clean aren't the same thing. It feels like a general truism that applies to the spiritual and mental realm as much as the physical realm. Clean implies a sense of tidiness and opportunity. A chance of rebirth, and starting over. Empty just means numb. There's space and a void, but it doesn't convey the same sense of purity. There's no feeling of a clean slate. There's still debris left-over in the space. It's not useful stuff, or big stuff. It's just stuff.

On a similar house-cleaning note,
I thought the Jets might give Mangini one more year to try to turn the Jets around, but yesterday's game wasn't particularly well played or coached. Romeo Crennel does not look long for his job either.

The Yankees have signed Kevin Cash in addition to all the players money can buy. The Red Sox meanwhile are going after former Alyssa Milano boy-toy Brad Penny and I think they're resigning Josh Bard. How many more days until pitchers and catchers report?

Israel is in a state of war.
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