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I thought you were kidding...

As we were driving through NC which was dead foggy last night, I asked hoppie if he was still good or if he needed me to take over.
"No, I'm good. I'll have to take over when the fog gets heavier."
We laughed and I went to sleep.
I took over a bit later, and the first thing that happens is the fog doubles in strength.
"I thought you were kidding." I told him.
"I thought I was too. It wasn't this heavy when I was driving."
But we made it just fine. There was one particularly odd gust of fog that frosted all six car windows. One moment we could see, the next moment it was fog and the SHOOM, nothing but white. But I ran the wipers and was able to see out of the front window and rear defrost took care of the rear window, and the other four eventually defrosted themselves. Strange weather.
Tags: hoppie, travel, weather

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