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More dreams

I don't remember many of my dreams, although my parents were in the two I remember. The one I really don't remember is the one where we in the mall. (all I remember is us walking out of it).
The card playing one, I do remember pieces of. We were playing a combination card game/board game. It was a monopoly style board, meaning that there was an outer track rimming the board, and not much, if anything going on in the center. I think that might have been where you put the card sets. I had a hand that consisted of a pair of 3s, an 8, a pair of jacks and two jokers. It was a great hand for whatever we were doing. So mom asked me for the 8, but she did it strangely. She kept trying to show me the card number she was asking for. But we weren't playing "go fish" you have to ask for the specific card, "8 of clubs" etc. So I pointed it out, (just like that. "don't show me your hand, just ask for what you want. And you have to ask for it by name, we're not playing 'go fish'!") So she did and I gave her the card. Then she asked for the pair of 3s she knew I had, and after I'd just lectured her on the need to ask for cards by name, I didn't kick up a fuss at this. I did ask her how she knew I had a pair of threes, because I had just picked up one, and I'd had the other for some time. Then she got a "steal player's hand" card which she played on me. *sniff* Bye Bye great hand. So on my turn (which was after dad's) I rolled the dice to try to get an automatic hand steal roll. (I think your options were move the number of spaces, or if you got an 11 or 12, you could steal another player's hand) and stole my hand back, but she'd decimated it on her turn. She'd played all the pair out into melds as well as the jokers. Damnit.

There was a VR ride in the Louisville JCC in what is now the Senior Adult Lounge. I can't remember just now what it was called when I was a kid. For some reason it does seem to feature in alot of my dreams though. We were facing east, there were two columns and maybe twenty rows of like 10 seats each. I was in the first column, something like 3rd row, in the second seat from the center. The VR ride was a ride through time to pick someone up. And I remember thinking at one point, I was really mastering the VR ride, I didn't even feel dizzy, then we fell down a cliff and turned sideways to get out of the way of a few things on the way, and suddenly I was thinking, "actually, I do feel dizzy." We went to the 1930s to pull someone out of Nazi Germany, but she refused to come with us. We left and returned to our own time, but when we went back to a few months later, and she was in some bondage type outfit, tight and pleathery and the unwilling servant of the Reich, and she was a little more willing to come with us. Then we returned to our own time, and I don't remember anymore.
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