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Palm tops

With the death of Palm OS, I'm going to face a choice. Not until my Palm dies, but experience has shown me that's pretty inevitable and I need to plan my next Palmtop.

I've been following with interest ckd's comparisons between his iPhone and his Palm, but, of course, his needs are different than mine.

I feel very keenly, the lack of filkergem's guiding hand. This is right up his alley and he'd share my irritation, frustration, and best understand my technological needs. Here's what I need, if I boil it down to only what I'm working with:
ebook reader (with Hebrew capability) and ideally the ability to read the books I've already purchased with are in Mobipocket format.
Hebrew calendar
A database capable of importing for cvs, smartlist, or jfile formats including password protection (and possibly encryption, although I've never technically needed it)
A shopping list program capable of supporting multiple types of shopping lists including to do lists.
Integrated phone book/datebook with smart (first name) searching and classification (doctor, plumber, piano tuner, etc.)
word processor/notepad with easy integration. A comfortable keyboard wouldn't come amiss, but isn't an absolute requirement
search function
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