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Philip Jose Farmer RIP

Another Scifi author gone. I was just thinking yesterday about what my course material would be if I were teaching a Science Fiction in Literature class (don't ask. Really.) and I had a short story by him on my mental list, "Riverworld."

This is an author I started reading in college on the recommendation of a friend (or more) who was a huge fan. I read myself through the Riverworld series and a couple of short story collections. I won't say the entire Riverworld series was worth reading, but at least half of it was. I don't know if I've read the entire series through again since then, although I do reread the short stories periodically. And we watched Riverworld miniseries on a few years back.

Whatever the afterlife is, Riverworld, or no, I hope he finds happiness in it as fair recompense for the hours of entertainment he provided.
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