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Good grief

I'm carrying a lot of tension in my back, neck, and shoulders, much more than usual. So when I realized that my next massage date was 6 weeks away(!), because I'm going to be out of town for half of April, I thought, maybe I could get a massage in Louisville. I have a friend, guy I grew up with, who I'm told is a massage therapist. So today, I start my internet search for him.

Near as I can figure, he gave up the therapy game for this: I'm happy for him and everything. The press sounds like it's pretty good and the pictures of him seem very glowing, so he looks happy, but, AHEM! I need a massage therapist for the weekend more than I need a BBQ place over Passover. 8-) Why does no one factor in my needs when they make life altering decisions like that!

You think he'd make an exception for an old friend?

Well, regardless, the restaurant is vegetarian friendly, and Hoppie does loves him so good BBQ, so maybe we'll check it out.
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